A Christian Perspective on the World Today



They call it poppy love

The face of drug addiction is changing. From the seedy associations of the '70s and '80s, today thousands of people are dependent on prescription medication. What can be done in the face of this growing epidemic?

Anger management post-COVID

Many of us struggle with anger, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only made it worse. How can you and I learn to express our anger constructively?

What is the church?

The word church has a lot of associations—some good, some bad. But what did Jesus Christ mean when He started the Church 2000 years ago?

The Army that Changed the World

Some 157 years ago, a different ”William and Catherine“ captivated Britain and changed the world.

Which multiverse are you from?

Whenever we see an “alternate version” of a character in film or TV, they're usually “the evil version”. But is that realistic? Is it time we reconsider who really is “the good guy” and who really is “the bad guy”?

Trusting the Safety Line

Maybe you’ve heard the word salvation before but you don’t know what it means. Karen breaks down her experience with salvation and conquers her fear of heights along the way.

Becoming truth tellers on social media

Misinformation and fake news are everywhere on social media. How can we learn to be wise and thoughtful in this strange world?

How to vote in an election season

When election season comes around, every party claims to be the best for the country and for you. In the midst of the confusion, how can you make your vote count?