A Christian Perspective on the World Today

May 2019

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The new Pharisees

Has the secular left become the new religious right?

Who is my neighbour?

Fear and prejudice are defeated when strangers become friends.

No meat? No problem!

Plant food protein secrets

Don’t hang up

What does genuine Christian faith look like when faced with everyday annoyances. . . like scammers who keep calling your number?

Population panic

Is the fear matched by the facts?

Hope and the end of history

Theories and speculation abound about Jesus’ return to this earth, but what does the Bible say?

Doctors, not Dr Google

Your family GP may not have every medical fact on the tip of their tongue, but chances are they’re a more reliable source of information than a web search.

At home with family

At its best, a church community provides the warmest embrace.


What if you could have everything your heart desired?