A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Mark Delaney


“Courting Controversy” — When Taking A Stand Can Risk It All

Naomi Osaka's recent withdrawal from the French Open has once again sparked discussion of mental health amongst athletes — and what it means to take a stand for your principles.

The Responsibility of Privilege

When the going gets tough, sometimes what’s needed is a simple reminder about how blessed we really are . .

Competition vs Cooperation in a crisis

The natural human impulse is to bunker down and look out for Number One when times get tough. But is that actually the most effective response?

Civil disobedience: breaking the law for the sake of the poor

What would you be prepared to do for your principles?

The challenge of voluntourism

How to help, rather than hinder, on your next overseas trip

We moved to an Indian slum

How living among the poor alerted one Aussie family to the urgency of a global issue.