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Porn at six: How to talk to kids about sex

Considering the many documented harms of pornography to children, and the reality that parents can't prevent exposure (even through careful monitoring), what can parents do?

Disconnected in a connected world

Turn your phone on silent and read on: it’s time to look for meaning in a social media-saturated world.

The problem of happiness

Many people say they “just want to be happy”. But is that enough or is it better to chase fulfilment and purpose?

Things we forget about Martin Luther King Jr

Growing reverence for Martin Luther King Jr as an iconic leader of the Civil Rights Movement has come at the cost of forgetting—or diminishing—some key aspects of his life, his work and his voice.

What is the Bible?

The book that has captivated millions around the globe might be a lot more real and relatable than you might think. . .

Pornography – Before and After

Pornography is becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life with people of all ages being constantly exposed. Is it possible that there are long term effects that are not often discussed.

Fast fashion: A parade of lies

Fast Fashion - harmless hobby, or dangerous trend? Alina Kartman explains the hidden costs.