A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Quadratic equations and Jesus

Jesus' life + Death = Being saved. It's a formula we often speak about, yet one that is incomplete.

The Good Place: great questions, medium answers

The popular NBC comedy series, The Good Place, tackles the big questions—ethics, philosophy and destiny. But, chuckles aside, how accurate was its depiction of the afterlife? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Can eating breakfast mean better grades?

Research shows feeding the brain is essential for cognitive function.

God loves the leftovers

God is on the lookout for those who are ready to make a stand for Him. How can one become a part of this group?

The final divide

Bitter tensions between the political left and right are leaving people concerned about the future. Who can bring unity?

Where did life come from?

Evolution says life came into existence from nothing. Though now commonly accepted in high schools and universities, it ignores a fundamental scientific principle—life must come from life.

Is Jesus the only way to God?

This seemingly innocent question has probably caused more unrest in the past 2000 years than any other.

The dark side of OnlyFans

The subscriber-only website is best known for its amateur pornography content. But, as people sell their naked photos for large sums of money, they’re also selling themselves short.

Beat burnout before it beats you

The seven stages to burnout, how to avoid it and how to recover.