A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Food From Heaven

Instead of kicking back and enjoying their retirement, John and Bev Lowe decided to feed the homeless.

Commandment keeping starts here

Slipping into her great-grandfather’s KKK robe, Nicole turned out the light and looked in the mirror. She shuddered at the image looking back at her.

Why touch matters

Vanessa Pizzuto says that humans—even muscular athletes—have a deep psychological need to be touched by other humans.

First chances

Maritza Brunt reflects on one thing marriage has taught her.

The ultimate Valentine’s gift

Each February we set aside a day to celebrate romantic love. And Charissa Fong says God has also set aside a day when we celebrate His love for us and ours for Him.

Overheard: January 2016

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Remembering God’s Love at Christmas time

Bible Discovery with Errol Webster

The God of His Sucess

Going from NASA scientist to film producer is quite a step. Harold Finch talks about the secrets behind his achievements.

Are You Gifted

The Bible says God has given each of us special talents. Lets discover what yours may be.

Father time

This fatherhood classic has good intentions, but ultimately misses the mark.

God’s Health Care Plan

Some simple solutions to improve your health without expensive medications.

Mastering Your Marriage

A psychologist has discovered some fool-proof techniques for a successful marriage.