A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Daniel Reynaud grimaces at the fat in our midst.

A Gift in Time

Exploring the joy of the Sabbath.


Reflecting on recent survey results, Daniel Reynaud asks what is really most important in measuring our quality of life.

Denzel Washington

Jarrod Stackelroth explores the faith behind the well-known movie star.


Daniel Reynaud reviews the history and anticipates the future for alcohol in Australia.

Beauty Matters

Femininity creates a desire to be beautiful and to make the world a more beautiful place. Michele Howe explains.

My Life Spring Clean

How much of your "stuff" could you live without? Kristel Rae finds a microcosm of her life in her bathroom cupboard.

A Changed Life

Baptism means more-much more-than going under the water. Rodney Woods probes the deeper meaning.

Living Biblically?

What does it mean to live biblically? Journalist A J Jacobs spent a year following the biblical laws and regulations. His story is quite remarkable, as Nathan Brown discovered.

Why Studying the “Good Book” is Good for You

God's Word holds many blessings. Victor Parachin explains the benefits of studying it regularly.

Out-of-Order Attachment

Why do we want what isn't ours? Loron Wade reflects on the selfish nature of humanity and suggests a solution.

How to Set Goals in 6 Easy Steps

Goal setting is one of the least practised, most helpful strategies for life change. Andrew Cate shows you how goals can get you motivated and help keep you committed.