A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Greening our concrete world

The move to city living doesn't mean the end of home-grown fruit and veggies

The Depression-inflamation link

Lifestyle medicine is showing us more about the simple ways we can improve our health and our mood

The Shared Life

Modern-day intentional communities are more common than you might think and have much to offer their members and the wider community.

Fifty Shades or Just Plain Shady?

Hollywood's latest flick and its implications for our relationships

Survival of the Fittest

What the Tour de France and other endurance pursuits teach us about getting along.

The Assent of Degeneration

Violence fuelled by alcohol is rising in Australia, but Geoff Youlden believes the media plays an equal part in the demise of values and virtues.

The Lost Art

Accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of doing nothing

Vigorous of Heart

How do I get that kind of boundless energy that children seem to have? Can my relationships be like that too?


How to experience joy and fulfilment in life

Accepting Your Body

Loving yourself, no matter what your dress size.

You Are What You Think

Doug Batchelor points out that the world around us has more influence on who we are than we may think.

Regaining Control of Your Life

We've all been told that what we think can determine how we feel. But Peter Cousins believes managing our lives goes much deeper than that.