A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Justin Bone


should we leave marriage in the past?

It’s a moment I will never forget—the first time I was asked to perform a wedding ceremony for a couple deeply in love. I...

More than a building: how a flat battery got me back...

A chance encounter with a kind man brought Justin Bone back to church . . . and to God. But what is the church really? And what should our expectations of church be?

What is the Bible?

The book that has captivated millions around the globe might be a lot more real and relatable than you might think. . .

Together at last

Fundamental to the human experience is the fact that we love being around other people. In the same way we desire company and togetherness, God does as well.

Out of the tomb

We all fear death, but the Bible assures us that death is not the end

The Good News In Grass

Keeping household plants alive in outback Broken Hill gives valuable insight into a life with Jesus.

God loves the leftovers

God is on the lookout for those who are ready to make a stand for Him. How can one become a part of this group?

The longest time out

How much time would you need to decide whether God’s dealings with humanity have been fair or not? Would 1000 years be enough?

Eating together

One of the essential parts of being human happens around the dinner table. Jesus tapped into this reality when He gave us a reminder about Himself.