A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Lessons from a mum’s group

Not a mum? You might be surprised how much you can learn from the trials of first-time mothers.

How to judge others. . . fairly

Whether obviously or subtly, we all judge other people. If we can’t stop judging, can we at least learn to do it in a way that’s more caring, truthful and respectful?

7 Top tips for dealing with difficult people

Before you let others’ annoying behaviour ruin your day, check out these tips.

4 Ways to clear your name from shame

We all mess up and hurt others. But what we do next is crucially important.

Beholding beauty

Is beauty a trap? Or a trapdoor into a deeper reality than we ever imagined? Vanesa Pizzuto says it’s kind of both.

Judge and jury

Lee Dunstan, editor of Signs of the Times, reflects on the significance of God’s judgement that’s going on in heaven right now.

Where is God when it hurts?

Loren Seibold reflects on one of the most perplexing questions humans ask.

The Mad Max apolcalyse

The second coming of Christ, and the events that will follow, sounds like the plot of one epic post-apocalyptic movie.

The final courtroom

Everyone needs a good attorney at court. Especially when you’re guilty and on trial for your life.

At Face Value

A woman discovers things are never quite what they seem

Fate of the Unwarned

The Bible teaches that only those who believe in Jesus will gain eternal life. Borge Schantz asks, What happens to those who never heard about Jesus?

High Noon in Jerusalem

What is the nexus between law and grace? Marvin Moore reflects on an incident in the life of Jesus that gives a clue.