A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Jesus death and resurrection


Grow Where You Are

Have you ever taken time to notice the wonder of a simple tree? They are actually pretty amazing. Tall, majestic and strong, they provide the earth...

Out of the tomb

We all fear death, but the Bible assures us that death is not the end

Dad’s Return

We’ve all felt excitement waiting for that special return: the anticipation, the gifts, the hugs. But there is one return we should expect that will be greater than all the others.

Live to forgive

With Easter-time often comes hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and bunnies; but behind it all is the tragic love story of Jesus' death, and how it represents forgiveness.

Quadratic equations and Jesus

Jesus' life + Death = Being saved. It's a formula we often speak about, yet one that is incomplete.

The power of the cross

It’s the most recognisable symbol on earth and yet one early Christian leader admitted that following the crucified Jesus makes no sense—except for what happened next.