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Jarrod Stackelroth


What do dreams mean?

Ever awoken from sleep with an overwhelming sense that a dream meant something? You might be right—and here are a few ways to tell.

Maid Review: Netflix series tackles big issues to big success

Maid is the latest miniseries from Netflix to tackle some heavy topics around family violence and alcoholism. Jarrod Stackelroth examines why it's so successful

Looking for a loving father

The relationship we have with our father impacts all our other relationships. It can also impact our relationship with God.

Are Spiritual Forces Real?

Explaining supernatural phenomena is a puzzling prospect. If ghosts and spirits are real though, then what does it say about the existence of God?

Heal our country

NAIDOC Week is an important event for all Australians which celebrates the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia. Editor Jarrod Stackelroth spoke with Pastor Darren Garlett to learn more.

Community, connection, church

As levels of loneliness climb to epidemic levels, is it time to take a second look at an ancient institution?

The Pact packs a punch

What does it take to turn an out-of-control kid into a disciplined fighting machine?