A Christian Perspective on the World Today



ABBA, 40 years on: A return with conflict feelings

For many, the announcement of ABBA's imminent reuinion album brought a wave of nostalgia—but is the constant pining for the way things work actually a harmful attitude to have?

More than just one thing

Now more than ever, people are viewing each other through categories of identity. The Bible can show us how this can help us—and how it can be harmful

How do I know who my true self is?

Academy Award Best Picture winner Nomadland is a poem; following a rhythm ever more strange to the lives that we—those who have climbed onto the carousel of adult life and have discovered that we are no longer free to get off—are so used to.

How launching my personal brand reshaped my identity

Should I narrow my talents down to a sharp focus or explore them to the limit?

Son of God

The debate over Jesus’ identity has raged for centuries. But the ultimate truth about Him is best experienced not intellectually, but personally.

Who Am I?

Many people struggle with questions of purpose, meaning and identity. Kent Kingston is no exception, but finds the Bible is a great place to look for answers.

The Trinity

The Trinity, or “God-head,” has been one of the most controversial Christian teachings, especially in the early part of Christian history, says Loren Seibold.

Conforming to Standards

How can we raise our daughters to better value themselves.

Raising Beautiful Girls

A few tips for mothers who want their daughters to grow up confident and self-assured.