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holy spirit


What the Holy Spirit Will Do For You

God faced a huge problem several millennia ago, and according to Marvin Moore, it was the Holy Spirit who helped Him solve it.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

David Jarnes examines a question that theologians have debated for almost 2000 years: Is the Holy Spirit a real Being, an actual Person?

No Longer Lonely

We have a Holy team who will support and encourage us.

Unconfusing the Confusing

Seth Pierce asks why Christians talk about three Gods when Christianity claims to worship one.

What Can You Expect From the Holy Spirit?

Nowhere in the Bible do we read a description of what He looks like, but Glenn Townend found Him to be a Companion he could count on.

Life-Giving Water

Water is easily our most precious natural resource. It is fitting that life begins, as Graeme Loftus demonstrates, in the water.

Never Alone Again

Jesus has promised to be with us always - "to the very end of the age" (Matthew 28:20).