A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Are near-death experiences real?

All over the world, thousands of people who’ve come close to death have reported out-of-body experiences and encounters with divine beings on the threshold of heaven. Is this proof of an afterlife, or something else?

Earth 2.0?

Got some ambitious home renovations in mind? How’d you like to take on a makeover of the whole planet?

God’s new world

Human attempts to manufacture utopia have invariably failed. But God has something incredible planned, beyond our wildest dreams.

Death isn’t the end

Melissa Howell experienced sorrow at her grandmother’s death, but she knows there’s also reason to rejoice!

Dreams of a new earth

If your vision of the afterlife is limited to fluffy clouds, harps and endless boredom, Melissa Howell will stretch your imagination with some hints from the Bible.

Pet heaven . . . or not?

Will there be a resurrection? Yes, definitely, says Kim Peckham. But will pets be included?

Will We Know Each Other In Heaven

The Bible says we will be transformed when Jesus comes. Does this extend to our memories and recognition of our friends and loved ones?

View from the other side

Ever wondered what it will be like meeting your guardian angel at Christ’s second coming? Anna Palmer ponders that first conversation.

What happened in Heaven?

Loren Seibold shares the story of a people who expected Jesus to come and how they resolved their disappointment when He didn’t.

The final courtroom

Everyone needs a good attorney at court. Especially when you’re guilty and on trial for your life.

What the Bible Says About the Millennium

The Bible describes a special period of 1000 years to follow Christ’s second coming. What will happen during that time?

My Other Father

Are there two different Gods in the Bible—one described in the Old Testament and another in the New?