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Six Habits That Are Killing Your Relationships

"Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards” (Song of Solomon 2:15). These were the loving words of Solomon, king...

How Can We Reconnect

Last September, on a vacation trip to the Philippines, I had two incredible experiences, both of them taking place in the span of a...

Debunking the Ticking Clock

*Disclaimer: though the data presented in this article is scientifically backed, every person’s experience is different. Science on fertility is emerging and many factors...

Forging Resilient Friendships

The whirlwind of activities and deadlines that adult life throws at us often makes us resistant to closeness. We abandon old friends and neglect...

The Value of Fatherhood

What are your values? Psychologists tell us that values emphatically communicate what is most important to us. When values are “intrinsic” (in other words,...

Build Boundaries, Protect Your Marriage

We tend to protect things that are important to us. In the past, a wealthy man might build a castle to contain his wealth...

Realistic Expectations: The secret of lasting relationships

Want a long lasting, healthy relationship? Maybe it's time to take stock of your expectations...

How Our Friendships Change Throughout Life

Throughout the stages of our lives, friendships will come and go. But what do sociologists say is the time most conducive to building lasting relationships