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Beating Back Obesity

It has become the biggest killer all around the world, but Charles Mills gives us some strategies to combat it.

Renovate Your Plate

It's easy to eat yourself to health and reap immediate benefits, once you know how.

Why Should You Visit a Dietitian?

Confused by conflicting and unrealistic dietary advice? Want more energy and clearer thinking? Need to avoid or better manage a health problem? Then consider consulting a qualified dietitian.

A Guide to Eating Well

A diet designed for optimal health

Ears to Your Health!

It's a tiny body part, but one you cannot afford to neglect

Why You Should Eat Slowly

Evidence is mounting that fast-paced eating is detrimental to your health.

Can You Afford Not to Forgive?

Has someone you care about hurt you? Arlene Taylor looks at the health implications of holding a grudge.

Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Vitamin C has been studied extensively during the past 60 years, but the results have been mixed with respect to the common cold.

Psyllium Power

Need to improve your intestinal health, blood cholesterol or blood sugar? Psyllium could help.

Better Health at Work

Don't let your job kill you.

Basics of Vegetarianism

Simple ways to help you go meat free

The Health Risks of Energy Drinks

While energy drinks can give you a lift, recent research has found that they have a dark side.