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Five Questions with Dannielle Synot

Dannielle Synot is co-founder of Brave Enough, a “harm prevention” ministry dedicated to empowering people with hope, healing and freedom

Alcohol Advice Revisited

As you cruise into Christmas and kick back, recent health warnings suggest you may want to reconsider how much alcohol you drink.

Healthy Cooking Methods

Could the way you cook your food be affecting your health? A growing body of research suggests that toxic chemicals are formed when we use intense cooking methods.

Problems with going Paleo

The Paleo diet is proving popular with bloggers, media personalities and chefs. But is it good for your long-term health?

Calcium From Plant Foods

Can’t tolerate or don’t want to eat dairy? Many traditional societies have been dairy free, yet existing reports don’t suggest higher rates of bone fractures. Just ensure that you get enough plant sources of calcium on your plate.

Playing with Fire

Barbecues might be a super way to socialise, but throwing another steak on the barbie could be dangerous for your health.

Healthy, Not Hyper, Kids!

Is the epidemic of hyperactive and ADD kids, at least in part, the result of what we're feeding them? Quite possibly, if the experts are to be believed.