A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Hard luck

While regulators ignore appeals from the grassroots, the gambling industry continues to gobble up profits. All just harmless fun? Don’t bet on it.

Book review: James K A Smith: You Are What You Love

In You Are What You Love, James K A Smith reminds us that spirituality concerns what we value most, and we show what we value even when we are not thinking about it by how we spend our lives.

Greed in the last days

How we relate to wealth will become an issue as the final events of earth’s history unfold.

9 ways to steal

“I don’t break the eighth commandment against stealing,” you may say. But Sandra Doran points out nine ways we sometimes do.

The Rich Sport

Do money and sport go hand in hand? Geoff Youlden tells us how rich corporations have more control than we may think.

Right Thinking

Annual Australian gambling revenue is $A17 billion dollars. Yet it doesn't produce anything, increase overall wealth or manufacture any goods.