A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Conflict: It’s Everywhere

I passed the second draft of my short film script along to a friend and fellow filmmaker, looking for his honest feedback. “It’s good”,...

The fossil record and the Bible

Flora and fauna artifacts from beneath the earth's surface are often used as arguments for the theory of evolution. Palaeontologist Raul Esperante explains how they actually support the idea of Creation.

In the beginning. . .

Our contemporary culture’s fascination with origin stories is an impulse as old as human history. How does accepting the veracity of a particular origin story affect our sense of meaning? Our sense of self?

Jesus’ Birth Reverses Your Death

Christmas is the time when the world celebrates Jesus' birth. Let's see how that relates to His (and our) death—and why.

The Blood Moon Tetrad

With a lunar eclipse scheduled for this month, it’s time to consider whether it—or the four blood moons of recent years—are a portent of things to come.