A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Free to Give

Hoard it or share it? What to do with your wealth.

Cadel Evans: The Man Behind the Bars

While the Australian road cyclist is at the top of his game, Braden Blyde discovers there's more to Evans than the sports-star stereotype.

Simon McKeon

Nathan Brown spoke with the Australian of the Year about his "embarrassingly simple" message.

Measure of Generosity

Braden Blyde ponders the common contradiction, that those who have the least often give the most.

7 Non-Material Ways of Giving

Christmas may be a season of giving, but as Victor Parachin discovers, you don't have to go broke doing so

The Generosity Factor

Bruce Manners has discovered that big-hearted people are not intimidated into stinginess by economic hard times.

Out-of-Order Attachment

Why do we want what isn't ours? Loron Wade reflects on the selfish nature of humanity and suggests a solution.

By Receiving, We Give

When was the last time you received gratefully? Samir Selmanovic explores the difficulty we all have with receiving.

Generosity in Spirit

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Victor Parachin shares a few of the gifts that bless everyone involved.

Work Out Your Own Salvation

There is something you just can't share. Robert Wolfgramm looks at one of the tough realities of life.

Piggy Bankrupt

Discovering true generosity.

Bible Discovery: The Miracle of Generosity

It is more blessed to give than to receive.