A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Closing the gap

Is feminism a revenge movement or a long-overdue push for equality?

Wives should submit: Is the Bible the enemy of equality?

What does it mean in a postfeminist world for a woman to submit to her husband? Melody Tan says the much maligned apostle Paul has some surprisingly timely tips for family harmony.

Pink for the boy?

"Boys will be boys?" In today's age that might not be so simple.

The Gender Genesis

In today's world of gender equality, are men and women different? Glenn Townend unpacks the Bible's record of the first humans to reveal the Creator's intention for each of us.

Men, Women and Marriage

In Australia, says social researcher Hugh Mackay, 76 per cent of couples cohabit prior to marriage and over 45 per cent of contemporary marriages end in divorce.

Mother Knows Best

Mothers are made for the job, scientific tests prove

A Mother’s Emancipation

I feel like I'm a slave in my own house.