A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Population panic

Is the fear matched by the facts?

Robot Reality

Are robots here to help or harm us? Can we have any certainty about the future of humanity?

The beginning

Ed Gallagher says finding hope for the end of the world requires looking in an unexpected place . . .

The Christian right . . . or wrong?

Clifford Goldstein points out that, according to the Bible, a false religion will one day be accepted by nearly all human beings around the world.

Guiding Stars

Just how accurate are horoscopes and can they really tell our future?

Eternal Life Now?

We don't have to wait to enjoy the life Jesus has promised us in heaven

Does God Give Signs?

Is it appropriate to ask God for a sign when you want to know whether or not to do something?


The future is all about knowing, and when you know the future, what do you do with the information? Malcolm Potts gives one clear answer worth heeding.

Have a Better 2009

If there's one thing almost everyone on planet Earth would like, it's to have a better year in 2009 than we had in 2008. There are tons of resources online to help us in this quest, whether it's health, education, jobs or, perhaps, spiritual matters. Let'

The Dream of God

God knows the future. Samir Selmanovic shares some thoughts on how God communicates that knowledge with humanity.

God Delivers a New Earth

Will there ever be peace on earth?

Our Future in the Past

While science offers evidence that Planet Earth is in terminal decline, there is hope for its inhabitants