A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Forgive Them

Have you ever struggled with the desire to get even with someone who has wronged you? Harold Harker provides a view of the perfect solution.

The Heavenly Temple

A distant land and a long-ago time point us to a present-day reality of God. Graeme Loftus explains.

Pride Goeth …

A biblical example of how to deal with pride in your own life

Who Is on Trial?

Judgement taking place in heaven. Who is judged, and who is judging?

Facing Your Past

A judgement day is really coming

The Old and the New

A poem by Reuben Hope.

“I really am a nice guy”

Asking forgiveness can ease those holiday pressures. Grant Swank explains how it changed a car-park confrontation.

Religious Extremism

The headline was startling: "US evangelist wants Chavez assassinated."

Love and Obedience

Which comes first?

A Skeleton in Your Closet

Without a skeleton, we'd all be mere blobs; likewise out world if not for God's law

Improve Your Memory

Tips to help you remember