A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Financial apocalypse?

What possible reason could God have for allowing a global economic meltdown?

Dodging debt

Loans look so quick and easy—they get us what we want, now! But then there's the debt trap . . .

7 ways to help the poor

Overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of poverty around the world? Here are some simple tips to get you started on the road to generosity.

Living with fewer regrets

All of us have done more than enough to cringe in the dark about. But there are ways to have fewer regrets.

Be the master of your money

How can we make money work for us? How do we become its master?

Bringing Joy to Retirement

Help your parents enjoy the best time of their lives.

Make Christmas Great

How to enjoy this holiday without the financial stress

Managing Marriage and Money

Money issues can threaten many a marriage-but they don't have to. Kathryn Lay shares her experience.

The Coming Food Crisis

Have you noticed that food prices are surging at the supermarkets?

Ready for Financial Har-money?

Finances are very divisive issues in some families. Gordon Botting suggests ways to avoid these problems.

The Generosity Factor

Bruce Manners has discovered that big-hearted people are not intimidated into stinginess by economic hard times.


Recent times have been marked with tumultuous financial happenings. Daniel Reynaud considers the implications.