A Christian Perspective on the World Today

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Becoming truth tellers on social media

Misinformation and fake news are everywhere on social media. How can we learn to be wise and thoughtful in this strange world?

The migration of trust in the digital age

Trust is the main currency of the age in which we live, and people seem to be changing the directions they invest in faster than in the past. How is our life of faith influenced by how we relate generally to trust?

George Soros, Open Society and conspiracy theories

Depending on who you ask, George Soros is either a beacon of democracy or a sinister puppet master. But who actually is he?

Fear in times of crisis: Taking our fears to God

Misinformation breeds fear, and fear breeds anxiety. Thankfully, the Bible has a story about how to fight this fear based anxiety.

Biased Statistics and False Truths

In the post-truth era, even things once thought reliable—like statistics or data—can be manipulated. So how can we tell if we're being duped?

Truth or Scare?

The Covid-19 vaccine is continuing to generate headlines. Some say it’s dangerous, other’s say it’s necessary. What’s the truth?

Finding the truth in the age of deepfakes

New technology is allowing ultra-realistic renderings of people’s faces and voices into videos where they are not present. What was once a harmless joke now has the potential to unsettle the world.