A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Survival race

In this age of #BlackLivesMatter, are we ready to confront the horrifying racism at the foundations of our Western secular culture?

How old is life? The biological evidence

Mainstream science is clear: the miracle of life took billions of years to evolve. But what if the data suggest something else altogether?

Pro biotics

After more than a century of war with bacteria, we’re finally realising that most of them are in fact our friends.

Is God a Delusion?

Out of 9/11 a new ideology arose which declared intellectual war on all theistic faith and assumptions.

The Faith of a Scientist

Science doesn't always dispel the existence of God.

Why Darwin’s triumph?

Biologist Timothy G Standish looks at the history of Darwinism for an explanation of why it has been so successful.

Questions for Faith

Testing evolution's leap of Faith

Intelligent Design

Should a creator be allowed in the science classroom?

Toy Soldiers

A rest day is an essential ingredient of success

Creation, Evolution … and Resolution

A look at websites that support what many Christians believe as a traditional view of Creation.

Making Sense of Creation

It isn't always easy to see the hand of God in the natural world