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ellen white


Life in the Son

I remember attending a life celebration held for two siblings who had tragically passed away. The sisters, aged two and five, drowned while playing...

Ellen White and the joy of helping those in need

Ellen White is one of the founding members of the Adventist Church. Adrian Neagu explains why her life was about so much more than just the words she wrote.

Breaking the cycle

Every generation is expected to face a crisis. Are we in the middle of ours?

Not too young to lead

The media is fond of using religious language to describe the actions and appeal of teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg, even calling her a “prophet”. Is she a prophet, biblically speaking? Do genuine prophets exist in the modern age?

This book changed my diet the most

Book review: California journalist John Howard Weeks offers insights into how his home town is one of the world’s few longevity “blue zones”.

Fewer experts, more prophets?

Are the financial predictions of today’s economists any more reliable than the predictions of the biblical prophets?