A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The unexpected meeting

Melissa Howell was shocked to discover that just because she knew and loved him, it didn’t mean she recognised him.

The view from the cross

Charles Mills reflects on what—and who—Jesus saw as He hung crucified between heaven and earth.

Passover: Why is this night different?

It’s no accident that Christian Easter and Jewish Passover occur around the same time every year. These ancient festivals are inextricably linked, explains Bob Mendelsohn, and perhaps even in ways that most Jews and Christians don’t understand.

The Truth About Easter

Every month, Lyle Southwell delves into the Bible to answer some of life and Christianity’s deeper questions. Suggest a topic at [email protected]

Of Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, Buns and a Cross

Sonja Larsen looks beyond the traditions and symbols surrounding Easter and discovers its true message.

The Finished Work

Take a look at the Easter message

Of Mice and Men

Scott Wegener on why one should hop at the opportunity to be an Easter bunny.

More Than a Symbol

An awful scene holds an awesome promise

When the Dragon Breathed Fire

When it comes to solving the world's problems, sacrifice is necessary.

Thoughts on Easter

Is Easter merely chocolate eggs, bunnies and a barbecue, or is there more?

Did Christ Have to Die?

As the Christian world celebrates Easter, Arthur Patrick explores why Jesus had to die.

Oberammergau: A Town of Passions

John Lauder travelled to a small German village to witness what could possibly be the world's longest running play.