A Christian Perspective on the World Today


What happened in Heaven?

Loren Seibold shares the story of a people who expected Jesus to come and how they resolved their disappointment when He didn’t.

When Jesus told the angels

Ellen G White shares some insights into God’s plan of salvation from the perspective of conversations Jesus had with the angels in heaven.

The price of unity

Dean Edgar looks at the campaign to bring Catholic and Protestant denominations together.

The times we live in

There’s a better day coming.

What the Holy Spirit can do for you

Marvin Moore points out several ways the Holy Spirit can help you to have a more meaningful spiritual life.

Why origins matter

The created owe everything to their Creator.

The five foundations of the Reformation

Harold Harker examines the basic teachings of Martin Luther that led to the Protestant Reformation—a movement that quickly spread across Europe and into the New World.

“In remembrance of me”

The most impressive communion service this GI ever attended.

Tell the World

Tell the World is an ambitious film that represents a step forward for an Adventist production, breaking out from the traditional "talking heads" documentary.

The anticipated alien apocalypse

The world will end with an invasion from outer space. The only questions remaining are when and by whom?

Voting for the antichrist of your choice

What antichrist qualifications does each of the American presidential candidates possess?

How to keep the Sabbath

There are many ways to enjoy the Sabbath that are in keeping with biblical principles.