A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Protecting your bone health

Three key steps to looking after your bones.

Waiting for the doomsday disease

In light of Jesus’ statement that pestilences will be one of the signs that His return is near, where do epidemics fit in?

On My Best Behaviour

There’s a picture in my mind. It’s a picture of a picture, and I’m sure it’s there to stay. The picture was taken just a few months before I was introduced to Grant*.

The Great Vaccination Debate

The vaccination controversy currently raging demonstrates that it is possible to be intelligent, sane and irrational all at the same time.

Super Sprouts

Remember when alfalfa was in sandwiches and at salad bars? Sprouts are becoming popular again, and now many more kinds are available.

Healthy Hearts with CHIP

A strategy that is saving the lives of whole communities

Michael, Muhammad and Me

People cope with life's bad news in different ways, but among the best is a sense of humour, as Parkinson's sufferer Alan Holman discovered.

Are Trans Fats to Die For?

Consuming 5 g trans fats daily is known to increase heart disease risk by 25 per cent.

Pills or Peanuts?

Sometimes fact seems stranger than fiction. Certain high-fat foods, such as peanuts and peanut butter, not only protect us from developing heart disease, but high mono-unsaturated fat diets based on these foods have been found to work better than low-fat

Where’s the Miracle?

It's frightening how your whole world can come crashing down in one short phone call. For Steve and Marion Penny, one phone conversation set in motion what was to become the most challenging yet refining season of their lives.