A Christian Perspective on the World Today



The Mercy of Inefficiency

If you were eternal, would you bother with instant soup and shortcuts?

The Apostle Boba

Star Wars fans might be surprised to find similarities between anti-hero character Boba Fett—the lead in the Disney+ series Book of Boba Fett—and a man who walked along the Road to Damascus thousands of years ago.

Laugh your way to a healthier you

Feel good while laughing but not sure why? Science tells us why we should seek out situations which bring out all the ha ha’s.

Together at last

Fundamental to the human experience is the fact that we love being around other people. In the same way we desire company and togetherness, God does as well.

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift

Perhaps this Christmas time is the right moment to consider accepting a gift—one that won’t be found under the Christmas tree.