A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The importance of a comma

How could one tiny stroke of punctuation lead to so much confusion about what happens when we die?

The Jesus paradox

There’s something deeply compelling in the courage of an apparently powerless person. Understanding this soul-response involves a journey to a hill crowned by a cross.

The view from the cross

Charles Mills reflects on what—and who—Jesus saw as He hung crucified between heaven and earth.

God in His underwear

What values do you most appreciate—love, humility, graciousness? Anneliese Wahlman points out that Jesus reflected all of these.

Why Jesus’ death matters

Modern critics claim that Jesus’ death has no more meaning than anyone else’s death. Clifford Goldstein responds to that challenge.

Where is Jesus’ tomb?

Wherever Jesus’ tomb is, Loren Seibold says, it really doesn’t matter, because Jesus isn’t in it.

More Than a Symbol

An awful scene holds an awesome promise

Did Christ Have to Die?

As the Christian world celebrates Easter, Arthur Patrick explores why Jesus had to die.

Oberammergau: A Town of Passions

John Lauder travelled to a small German village to witness what could possibly be the world's longest running play.

Born to Die

Jesus was born to be a King. But before He could assume His crown, He first had to go to the cross. Marvin Moore reflects on the meaning of Jesus' birth and death.


Jesus is the most remarkable and undoubtedly bestknown historical figure of all time. Arthur Patrick explains the man behind the myth.

Consider Jesus

Richard C Halverson helps us to see Jesus more clearly.