A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Forgiven, Not Forgotten

His life spiraled out of control. Then, about to crashland, he came to his senses. Tony Lungren describes his journey to God.

The Least of These

The rejects of society are precious to Jesus. Diana Smith* tells about her friendship with one of these.

Commission or Invitation

Can we imagine something better than an all-Christian world? asks Samir Selmanovic.

Finding Life’s Purpose

After trying fame, fortune and folly, Shaun Bao found his passion- Jesus. Rochelle Woods tells his story.

Francine Bell

Francine Bell has a lifestory that has spanned numerous countries and cultures. Melody Tan talks to this singer, actor and author.

When I met God

Once a small-town teenager, he is now one of the world's most travelled public preachers. Mark Finley tells the story of how God first got his attention.

From Heroin to Heroine

From a dream of becoming an actor to a life of drugtaking and prostitution, Bronwen Healy fell to where only God could pick her up, as Joanne Brian tells.

The Day God Saved Johnny Cash

The love that gave him new life

The Night That Changed My Life

At around 2 am, after a night of dancing, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Ian Grice encountered something that brought him to his knees, then a lifetime of service for Christ.