A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Is It Time To Cancel Christmas?

About 20 per cent of US retail sales happen around Christmas. Perhaps, economically at least, this news would be positive, if it were not...

Obsession about Possessions

Consumerism threatens to destroy us and our world, warns Brendan Pratt. Here’s what we can do about it.

Book review: James K A Smith: You Are What You Love

In You Are What You Love, James K A Smith reminds us that spirituality concerns what we value most, and we show what we value even when we are not thinking about it by how we spend our lives.

The smartphone dilemma

While our smartphones might be convenient, Scott Wegener warns that we need to be aware of the potential problems they can create in our lives, if we aren’t careful.

Ethical consumption and the gospel

Jonathan Cornford says that Western society is standing at the crossroads where the crisis of the church and the crisis of the world meet

Have it your way

Is spending money to customise the products we buy leading toward a pride of self that can better be directed toward helping others?