A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Hurry Up, We’re Late

Three sisters, eight days, 6300 kilometres. It was the trip of a lifetime, a spontaneous decision to pack our bags and trade Sydney’s bleak...

Lessons in compassion

What does it mean to 'bear each other's burdens? Uncover the strangely healing act of willingly suffering with others.

The day that changed the world

Looking back at 20 years of changes after one of the most defining moments of the 21st century.

What’s wrong with voluntary euthanasia?

New Zealand is faced with a historic vote on euthanasia this month, and who knows when other Australian states will follow Victoria’s lead? What do the results of legalisation in other countries tell us about the risks to vulnerable people?

Beating bitterness

When life knocks you down, you can do better than getting bitter. Victor Parachin shares some practical tips.

Love anyway

Jesus’ message of love and peace is all very well for safe, suburban churchgoers. But how relevant is it to the harsh realities of life . . . in Iraq, for example? Kent Kingston reports.

The Day I Lost My Dad

Julie Guirgis’s father suffers from dementia. One day he wandered from home.

Called to Attention

An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.