A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Community, connection, church

As levels of loneliness climb to epidemic levels, is it time to take a second look at an ancient institution?

At home with family

At its best, a church community provides the warmest embrace.

Eating together

One of the essential parts of being human happens around the dinner table. Jesus tapped into this reality when He gave us a reminder about Himself.

The Sabbath community

The ancient practices of Sabbath observance offer the opportunity to build deeper relationships that are more healing and ask more of us.

Reaching for the summit

Life is an uphill battle for many marginalised young people in New Zealand, particularly Māori. But educator Julene Duerksen-Kapao has big dreams for these kids and is committed to walking alongside them, one step at a time.

Daring to care

Through their humanitarian work, Lara Zestic and Theodore Dimitriou are offering "a better narrative" to the forgotten people of the world.

Connected but lonely?

The busy activity on your Facebook newsfeed may belie a more sobering reality.

Yes we care

Religious door-knocking with no strings? Yes—it's a thing.

Catalina flies again

Signs editor Lee Dunstan recently visited a facility catering specifically for a unique and oft ignored part of our community.

Shauna Ryan

“A strong woman is one who’s aware and confident . . .”

A long walk with Peter

Peter Tripovich, 90, recently went for a walk . . . around Australia.

Is sharing caring?

Do the promises of the “new economy” of a better community and a gentler impact on the environment stand up?