A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Much Appreciated

During this Christmas season, Cat Thompson tells us why it's important to possess an attitude of gratitude.

7 Non-Material Ways of Giving

Christmas may be a season of giving, but as Victor Parachin discovers, you don't have to go broke doing so

Gifts That Show You Care

One of the most common Christmas traditions is exchanging gifts. Victor Parachin talks about gifts that people will appreciate even more than things.

Marina Prior Making a Difference

Everyone needs to have self-worth. Shane Winfield looks at where Australian Theatre star and regular at Carols by Candlelight Marina Prior discovered hers.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Gary Kent reminds us that wherever we are this Christmas, we'll be reminded of the Baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.

An Australian Christmas

Darren and Rosie Croft share what Christmas means to their family.


Jesus is the most remarkable and undoubtedly bestknown historical figure of all time. Arthur Patrick explains the man behind the myth.

The Carol that Stopped a War

There is power in sharing-be it a gift, a meal or a song. Victor Parachin tells the story of the oft sung Christmas carol, "Silent Night."

Comfort eating over Christmas

Some people can experience intense loneliness and resort to comfort eating

Healthy Gift Ideas

For many people, the festive season can bring too many indulgences, resulting in unwanted sluggishness and weight gain. Why not give your friends and family something more energising this Christmas?

Christmas at Our Place

Every family has its own traditions that make Christmas authentic. Harold Harker explores his past and the future.

Alone for Christmas

Those separated from loved ones need not despair.