A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Christians against poverty


The Journey to Financial Freedom

Money . . . It’s the grease that makes the world go round, yet it’s one of the least chosen table topics of choice....

The Responsibility of Privilege

When the going gets tough, sometimes what’s needed is a simple reminder about how blessed we really are . .

From Tragedy To Triumph – The Inspiring Life Of Irene Gleeson

When many people reach middle age they start to think about winding their life back a notch to spend time with their children and...

Where is God in the pain of systemic injustice?

If your perception of the church is gilded cathedrals and televangelists fundraising for an upgrade to their private jet, you might wonder whether the God of the Bible really cares about those who are forgotten and abused.

Your ally against debt and poverty: the Church

So many families are struggling financially, drowning in debt with no rescue in sight. Could the solution be as close as the church down the street?