A Christian Perspective on the World Today


A Special Gift at Christmas

A divine token of love

Choose Kindness

Catriona Rowntree on words of wisdom from her grandmother

Minutes Matter

When it comes to children, every bit of time spend with them counts.

6 Time-Saving Strategies for Healthy Family Meals

Karen Fischer offers busy mums some tips on meal preparation that will give them more time with their families.

Fancy a Fruit Juice?

Is fruit juice a health food or a glamorised, sugary drink?

Eat With Your Kids

According to Gary Hopkins, having a meal together is as essential to the lives of your children as it is for their physical well-being.

Banish Fussy Eating

Does your child reject food, especially vegetables? Is he or she easily distracted or refuses to sit at the table while eating? Don't be worried-get motivated!

Our Children and Video Games

Debbie Cosier looks at the harmful effects video games may have on our children.

Smart Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is brain food for kids.

Internet Safety

Kristin Thiele looks at ways to create and maintain healthy boundaries in the age of social networking.

Violence in Schools

Debbie Cosier argues that society itself is to blame for the increasing occurrence of violent acts by children.

Fight Obesity in Kids

Obesity in childhood strongly predisposes to obesity in adulthood. Yet many parents are oblivious to the fact that their child is carrying around more than just puppy fat and they assume their child will simply grow out of it.