A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Role models and cheer squads

Want to help children "succeed" and "do well" in life? Then cheer them on.

To raise an Amish child

How can we ensure our children aren’t addicted to technology when we ourselves can’t seem to tear ourselves away from our mobile phones?

My great big happy family

Michelle Mauigoa and her husband, Daniel, have nine children, which would probably overwhelm most people, but she wouldn’t trade places with any of them.

Child, arise! The courage to stand

A spiritual handbook for survivors of sexual abuse.

Pink for the boy?

"Boys will be boys?" In today's age that might not be so simple.

Father time

This fatherhood classic has good intentions, but ultimately misses the mark.

No Heil Hitler!

Paul Cieslar would have had a normal, happy childhood growing up in Wisla, Poland, if not for one thing—the Nazi occupation of his country.

Five Questions with David Roberston

David Robertson is director of Safe Places Services, a Seventh-day Adventist organisation dedicated to safeguard churches from sexual abuse and provide support for victims of the crime.

The Great Vaccination Divide

The tragic death in March of Western Australian baby, Riley Hughes, from whooping cough added momentum to the vaccination debate already well underway in much of the developed world.

Raising Contented Kids

Some tips on how to help your children grow up thankful for what they have.

Is Your Child a Bully?

Can you recognise the signs of favour and fear transmitted by children? Devyani Borade looks at what really happens on the playground.

How to Get Kids to Eat More Fruit

Real fruit is being displaced by packaged snacks, soft drinks and junk foods in children's diets, all of which can lead to early chronic diseases.