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Go healthy for good – October 2016

Wake early on weekdays and sleep in on weekends? Well, you could be increasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Go healthy for good – September 2017

Think fast food is bad for you? Well, it turns out the packaging is just as dangerous.

Knit One, Purl Two

KT Marie Wallis finds the beginning and the end - and everything in between-of her life's projects.

Soy and Breast Cancer

Soy has been hailed as a potential anticancer agent in healthy people, but could its phytonutrients increase the recurrence of breast cancer?

Understanding Breast Cancer

October is recognised in many parts of the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Melody Tan shares some facts about this disease.

Breast Cancer: How to Lower Your Risk

Kelly James-Enger looks at a number of things women can do to protect themselves from breast cancer.

Jane and Glenn McGrath – Every Rose…

A third encounter with cancer puts a celebrity couple on the back foot.