A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Killing Time

In our increasingly safe and sanitised Western culture, we turn to gaming and movies to satisfy our thirst for blood. But, asks Mark Hadley, how is violent entertainment affecting us?

The only way is up

Fear and anxiety can cause the brain to "down-shift". Dr Arlene Taylor shares some advice and tips on how to get our brains back into high gear.

Light therapy for Parkinson’s disease gives new hope

Who knew so much good could come from a bucket lined with aluminium foil and a few LED bulbs?

The brain-immune connection

Research shows what’s good for your brain is also good for your immune system.

Go healthy for good – June 2017

Want to "liver" good, long life? Think about what and WHEN you eat.

The Obesity-Dementia Link

Obesity causes more harm than just being grossly overweight or fat

The God Helmet

Some spiritual experiences come from God. Others don’t. How do we tell the difference?

Go healthy for good – December 2016

Want to go healthy for good? Consider your sugar intake and stress levels.

Feed your brain!

The important role that your diet plays in keeping your brain healthy and your mind alert.

A Healthy Spirit For Your Mind

When it comes to mental health, a belief in God plays a bigger part than we may think.

The Rugby Equation

According to Arlene Tayor, we all have the potential to play world-class rugby, or be experts in a field.

Smart Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is brain food for kids.