A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Wedding jitters and life transitions

Being married “ ‘til death do us part” is a big deal, so how much more important is the baptismal commitment, which is intended to last into eternity?!

Taking the Plunge

In baptising her son, Melissa Howell experienced the power of this most ancient of Christian rites.

You can’t baptise yourself

In this age of instant answers and DIY solutions, it’s hard to admit that, when it comes to questions of eternity, we all need help. Keith Trumbo explains.

Committing to a cause

When it comes to decisions of faith, Seth Pierce argues that believers may have more in common with atheists than either group realises.

Is baptism necessary?

Does a person have to baptised in order to be saved?

The Water of a New Life

When it comes to the Christian tradition of baptism, we may be missing some important aspects.

On My Best Behaviour

There’s a picture in my mind. It’s a picture of a picture, and I’m sure it’s there to stay. The picture was taken just a few months before I was introduced to Grant*.

Baptism by the Book

Consider it an ancient rite or an anachronism in our modern society but according to God's original instructions, baptism really is necessary, says David Edgar.

A Changed Life

Baptism means more-much more-than going under the water. Rodney Woods probes the deeper meaning.

Growing in Christ

Loren Seibold looks at what it means to be "born again" and how to continue the Christian growth.

Life-Giving Water

Water is easily our most precious natural resource. It is fitting that life begins, as Graeme Loftus demonstrates, in the water.

The Why, How and When of Baptism

Is baptism really so important? Andrew Skeggs explores the age-old question-to be or not to be?