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Natural ways to reduce inflammation

There are two types of inflammation—one can heal, one can kill.

Vegetarian Essentials

Many people are afraid they’ll miss out on vital nutrients if they adopt a vegetarian diet. What to look out for should you choose not to eat meat.

Five Questions with Dannielle Synot

Dannielle Synot is co-founder of Brave Enough, a “harm prevention” ministry dedicated to empowering people with hope, healing and freedom

A little weight-loss treat

Discover how "rewards" can help us stay in shape by providing ongoing motivation.

Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

Bruce Manners looks at the lives of the rich and famous and discovers that, not only can money not buy happiness-it sometimes leads to grief.

God Wants You to Prosper

The Bible is not about how to get rich but what to do with the riches God bestows. So get ready to unlearn everything you've heard about prosperity, warns Leo Schreven.


Daniel Reynaud grimaces at the fat in our midst.

Getting Control

Most of us will never kill someone else, but our hearts are not innocent of such thoughts.explores the thought life that leads to law-breaking.