A Christian Perspective on the World Today



The Christmas invasion

The season of giving marks a turning point in the great cosmic battle for our planet . . . and our hearts.

Still standing: Growing a stronger marriage after losing a child

The pain following the death of child is deeply devastating. The best way forward for grieving parents is together.

Dealing with the baby blues

Most of us don’t expect the birth of a baby to bring sadness or depression, but it’s more common than many realise—for both mums and dads. Julie Guirgis offers some practical tips.

The surprise

Fertility specialists told Glenn Townend's daughter, Amy, she would never have children. But God had another idea. (Two in fact!)

The Great Vaccination Divide

The tragic death in March of Western Australian baby, Riley Hughes, from whooping cough added momentum to the vaccination debate already well underway in much of the developed world.

The Surrogacy Debate

Nigel Hollier ponders on the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding surrogacy.

Jessica Rowe on Love, Wisdom and Motherhood

Melody Tan talks to a former TV personality about the joys and struggles of being a mum in the twenty-first century.

Foods for Mums-To-Be

What you eat during pregnancy influences your baby's future risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Baby Blues

My baby is eight months old and although I enjoy being at home with her, she is very clingy and I feel trapped most days.