A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Building a better house

Many assume having faith in God will protect us against depression. But does the God of the Bible really promise that?

An antidote to addiction

Andrew is a drug addict, but found an unlikely antidote to his addiction: a loving connection.

The unlikely story behind a blockbuster

It's not often the star of a war movie a man who refuses to carry a gun.

Secrets to a longer, healthier life

Is the secret to living longer down to luck? Or is there a way you can not only live longer, but with a better quality of life?

The final wake-up call

We all need a wake-up call now and again. This one has cosmic repercussions.

Rest for a restless world

In a world that is constantly moving, working and striving, it can be difficult to truly rest. One day a week offers a path to peace unlike any other.

There is no hell

A devil with a pitchfork, fire and brimstone, and unending torture: this is the classical picture of hell. But is there a better alternative to consider?

BMX, drugs and finding Jesus

Greg had lost all hope and even wished for death. God had other plans.