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Atheism at War

As the rising sun brought life and light to the east coast of North America, it was greeted by a brisk autumn morning. Hurricane...

“In the beginning…”: Marvel’s Eternals presents a new creation myth

Eternals is the latest film in the MCU, and it is dividing critics and fans alike. Ryan Stanton examines the messages at its core in greater depth.

Does God exist?

A lifetime of adventure and exploration beckons for those seeking an answer to Who or what started it all.

Who made God?

Everything we see and touch had a beginning—something that caused it to exist. Follow the chain of causation back with Sven Östring to discover where everything began.

Godless nation?

More Aussies than ever say they’re not religious, but the evidence doesn’t show they’re hardcore atheists either, says Bruce Manners.

I’m an atheist too

What kind of god don’t you believe in? Ty Gibson concurs with an atheist’s rejection of a cruel, controlling god.

Is God a Delusion?

Out of 9/11 a new ideology arose which declared intellectual war on all theistic faith and assumptions.

Good Atheism : Bad Atheism

Religions can learn from atheists, says Samir Selmanovic. But we must not allow fundamentalist atheists to rid the world of faith itself.