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Why is everyone so angry all the time?

Why is everyone so angry about everything all of the time?” That was the title of a Sydney Morning Herald article by journalist and...

Anger management post-COVID

Many of us struggle with anger, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only made it worse. How can you and I learn to express our anger constructively?

How to be good . . . and angry

Toxic anger can destroy friendships and tear families apart. But that doesn’t mean anger can’t be managed well or even harnessed for good.

The power of forgiveness

You can nurse your hurt feelings for a long time with a grudge, but Loren Seibold reflects on a solution that’s much more satisfying—and it’s permanent.

Fifty Shades or Just Plain Shady?

Hollywood's latest flick and its implications for our relationships

The Assent of Degeneration

Violence fuelled by alcohol is rising in Australia, but Geoff Youlden believes the media plays an equal part in the demise of values and virtues.

9 Tips for Taming Tempers

Karen Holford shares how to manage your anger-and help other people manage theirs as well.

Air Rage

Being quick to judge is rarely beneficial. Scott Wegener shares a window of learning in his experience.

Dealing with Anger

I know God has not brought this upon me but I struggle to understand why He has not stepped in and been more visible in my life.