A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Andreea Irimia


Scars that heal

During war, Dave Roever suffered injuries that should have killed him. Here's how he not only survived... but learned to thrive.

One lottery ticket… and an unexpected ending

It's said that money makes the world go round... which makes this story of generosity all the more surprising.

A street cat named Bob

There are many moments when, in situations that seem to have no solution and everyone has given up believing, especially the one who needs the solution, help comes in a completely unexpected way. For James Bowen, his rescue came in the form of an injured ginger cat.

Victor Torres’ true story

From dealer to addict to something more. . . this is the story of Victor Torres life and the events that changed it forever

Looking back on small acts of great kindness

It's the golden ruleā€”do to others what you would have them do to you. Here are some heartwarmingexamples of empathy in action.